Work with us

Community radio programmes are widely listened to by rural communities and highly appreciated. There are numerous success stories about social changes taking place as a result from rightly timed community radio programmes. We can assist your organisation or company to reach more than 20 rural radio stations across Uganda – by tailor-made projects, in one or many parts of the country.

Reach your audience

Most Ugandans live in rural areas. There are many civil society organisations, government institutions, donor agencies and commercial enterprises who would like to reach rural communities by educational, social and health campaigns, or marketing of consumer goods, mobile communication, agribusiness, fertilisers, construction material, solar power, motorcycles – you name it.

Through COMNETU, your organisation or company can reach 22 rural radio stations and millions of radio listeners in rural communities across Uganda.

The radio broadcasts of our member radio stations currently cover about 50% of the area of Uganda. Many of those covered areas are not reached by the mainstream media.

Reach your audience

We can assist your organisation or company to reach rural radio stations and rural communities across Uganda.

  • By creating partnership projects
  • By sponsored radio programmes
  • By airing jingles and advertisements

At COMNETU, we can create partnership projects connecting your organisation with rural radio stations in one particular or several regions, or all over Uganda.

Our professional radio production team can prepare tailor-made sponsored programmes about your campaign topic. Programmes will be produced in a participatory manner, always involving local communities in the programme production.

You can also make an agreement with the local community radio stations that they prepare news or sponsored feature programmes or discussion programmes about the educational, social, health, or other information campaign topics that you plan to focus on.

We can also produce jingles and advertisements and provide you with the most convenient offer reaching as many community radio stations as you need, in the exact locations that you wish to reach.

Going online

COMNETU has in 2023 created a community radio online platform where rural radio stations publish their local news stories and live stream their programmes online. Through the new community media portal, local community radio stations can now reach audiences outside their local on-air coverage area, since practically anyone carrying a smartphone or having access to a computer can visit the online portal, anywhere in the country, both in cities and in rural areas, or even abroad.

By advertising through the new online platform, or sharing your sponsored educational programmes, you can reach news audiences surfing the news or listening to the audio podcasts and live streams from the upcountry community radio stations. You can also listen live to the programmes that your organisation has been sponsoring and monitor the results from your investment. Radio programmes and audio clips can also be shared and listened to via social media channels. So, you can now just go online to reach your target groups in rural Uganda.

You are most welcome to contact us and discuss about partnership projects aiming to reach and empower rural communities locally or across Uganda.