Mama Fm: A voice to listen to!

Mama FM is a community radio station located in kisaasi , kampala Uganda. It is a women radio station, the first of its kind In Uganda and Africa.

The station is a product of Uganda Media Women’s Association and it mainly broadcasts in Luganda. Its content centers on marginalized groups including women, people living with disabilities, children.

For 20 years now, Mama Fm has involved in several initiatives to support the community and empower women and girls to speak up and take part in decision making about issues that affect them.

This has been so through its various informative programs such as, Papa Mama, Youth Program, Tuteese, Obulema sibutesobola and many more.

It has also educated women and girls in human rights to create awareness about Gender Based Violence and give them skills on how they can approach such issues when they happen.

Indeed it is a voice to listen to.